4 December – Christchurch

Dec 4th Christchurch

The sleep of the log like , followed by a leisurely breakfast. This place is beautiful, very similar to England in its vegetation, slightly warmer and drier in climate, perhaps, and we have a clover covered lawn, surrounded by roses, receiving the morning summer sun. Someone’s vision of heaven, and they don’t even live here themselves.


It’s not far from the city and there’s plenty of traffic noise this morning not to mention a gardener with a chainsaw, clearly employed to keep the immediate areas up to scratch, or not to scratch. Lawns, hedges trimmed while you wait? I ramble . . .And then play about with the time settings on my camera. I may have dislodged the battery when replacing the memory card.

Coffee on the veranda, with the awning pulled down part way in the bright sunshine. Then we decide we’ll walk into the CBD. All along the way there is some evidence of rebuilding after the earthquake damage from Feb 2011. As we walk along Victoria Road we see more of it. There’s a clock tower built for Queen Vic’s jubilee in 1897. The decorative ironwork at the top is bent, and we notice cracks in the brickwork, and the fact that the whole structure is held up by props at the base. It’s surrounded by the usual fence, with warning that it’s unsafe.

Closer in there are huge patches where buildings have been demolished.
We walk along close to the river – Avon is its English name. When we reach the safety-fenced Bridge of Remembrance, we turn left into the Re-Start container mall. Lively and hopeful in the face of tragedy and adversity. We shop a bit, and get a cold drink.

DSCF5484 DSCF5485 DSCF5486

We go back to the bridge. The river is delightful with clear green water and ducks. There are grassy banks and further along you can have a ride in a punt. A darker note on the billboard – “we can show you where many of the city’s iconic buildings once stood. ”

DSCF5487 DSCF5489

We wander by the river through the park near the hospital and then the botanic gardens . All is green, peaceful and dappledly shady. Much like a hot summer day in England. Near a children’s paddling pool and playground we stop for an ice cream.

Gradually we make our way back, for a cuppa, and time to relax.